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Comfort Clean uses State-of-the-Art truck mounted vacuum equipment, provided by Heat Seal.




This machine is so powerful, it can suck a brick out of your house, literally! Click here to see it in action!




This machine is fully self sufficient, does not use your water or electricity, and can operate in places where access to electrical power is not available. Comfort clean will use 20 bags to clean out your ducts, while most companies will just use one or two.




If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact Comfort Clean.

"Firstly, I was surprised to see a huge truck arriving at my home. Two years ago my house was cleaned by another company, and they came with a portable machine. They did not cut out any holes in the main duct, which I now realize is most important part of the cleaning. They just vacuumed the vents. I am so happy that I cleaned my duct with Comfort Duct Cleaning Company. Those guys really know their business."
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