How Is Duct Cleaning Done and Other Information About Duct Cleaning

How Is Duct Cleaning Done and Other Information About Duct Cleaning

As you are preparing for the change of season, you might want to consider having your air duct system professionally cleaned. Do you know how air duct cleaning is done? Or how to even tell if your HVAC system needs to be cleaned in the first place?

We will answer all of your concerns about duct cleaning and more in the following article. This will help you determine whether or not the time is right for you.

Guide to Professional Air Duct System Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning: What is it?

Air duct cleaning is the process in which your air duct system is cleaned to help promote clean air in your home as well as a healthy environment. A professional air duct cleaning team will check duct cleaning quality in your home as well as clean the air duct, vent, heating/cooling coils, fans, fan housing, and monitor, drain pans, grills, supply, and return unit as well as the HVAC housing system. 

Air Duct Cleaning: How Often

According to the EPA, it is recommended that you have your air duct system cleaned about every 2 or 3 years. You may need to do so more frequently if you live in a house with pets, smokers, or those who suffer from allergies or breathing conditions. 

Air Duct Cleaning: Signs

There are multiple indicators that it is time for professional air duct cleaning. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Increase in utility costs: A clogged vent system will cause your HVAC system to work harder, which will then cause a noticeable increase in your heating and cooling bills.
    • Presence of bugs/rodents in your home: If you notice a rodent or bug infestation in your home, this is a clear sign that it is time to clean your ductwork.
  • Pets:  Those who own pets such as cats and dogs should have their ducts cleaned as pet hair and dander will accumulate in the system. 
  • Allergies/Breathing Issues: Clogged air ducts can affect the overall air quality in your home. Dirty vents can wreak havoc for those who suffer from asthma, allergies, or respiratory ailments.
  • Mold/Dust: If you are noticing that your home is dusty or dirtier than usual, you should get your vents cleaned. As well, if you smell or notice mold or mildew, it is time for duct cleaning as these can also cause health concerns.
  • Home renovations: Dirt, dust, fiberglass, and the like from home improvement projects can build up in your ductwork and lower the air quality of your home. Also, if you have recently moved into your home, you should clean your HVAC system to protect your household.

How is Duct Cleaning Done?

The EPA recommends that homeowners have their air duct system cleaned by a licensed and professional cleaning company. This will ensure that your ducts are cleaned properly and thoroughly. As part of the process, your HVAC system and ductwork will be inspected to ensure that it is in good working order.

The cleaning team will arrive with the necessary equipment that meets EPA guidelines for duct cleaning. This equipment is either handheld or attached to the truck operated by the cleaning company. First, they will determine the extent of the job as well as check the unit for leaks or other damage, which they will then repair.

During the cleaning process, your ductwork will be cleaned in its entirety, from the vents to the HVAC housing unit. After the work is complete, the cleaning team will seal up all vents and ductwork as well as remove any and all equipment. They will clean the area so that no dirt or debris is left behind. 

The cost is determined by the number of vents in your home, the complexity of the ductwork, and the amount of time to complete the job. There may be additional costs for any repairs. 

Contact Comfort Clean for further info on how duct cleaning is done. As well, we will gladly offer you a free estimate for air duct cleaning in your home!

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