Is Duct Cleaning Worth It? Find out The Facts About Duct Cleaning

Is Duct Cleaning Worth It Find out The Facts About Duct Cleaning

You have probably noticed several of your neighbors getting their ducts professionally cleaned. Now you are wondering if this is something that you need to make part of your spring cleaning process. Is duct cleaning worth it or is it a scam?

In the following article, we shall provide some helpful information about duct cleaning. This will help you decide if hiring a cleaning service to clean your ducts is beneficial for you.

Is Duct Cleaning Worth It? Find out the Facts

Is Duct Cleaning Necessary?

As more and more homeowners are expressing their concern about the air quality in their homes, many are choosing to have their ducts cleaned by a professional cleaning company. However, unless your ducts are excessively dirty or backed up, there is no pressing reason to have them cleaned. According to the EPA, duct cleaning is only recommended if your HVAC units and/or air ducts are contaminated.

As far as how much does it cost to have your ducts cleaned, this would depend on the size of your home, HVAC system, and ductwork, as well as other factors. Contact your local cleaning company for an estimate.

Reasons for Duct Cleaning

  • Contaminants

As stated above, your air ducts are still dirty or contaminated after you have cleaned and vacuumed the registers, then you should have them cleaned professionally.

  • Mold

If you notice that there is mold growth in your HVAC system, ducts, or ductwork, it is recommended to have them cleaned for health reasons. Mold can cause a variety of health problems, especially for those with breathing issues.

  • Illness

Is anyone in your home suffering from allergies or other health issues to which you can not find an explanation? If so, cleaning your ducts might eliminate the problem. Dust, pet dander, and other allergens might be trapped in your duct system.

  • Animal, Bug, or Pest Control

Should you notice any signs of animal, bug, or pest infestation in your HVAC or duct system, you should first have the animal, etc safely removed and then have your system cleaned by a professional.

  • Home Renovation

If your home has recently been renovated, you may need to have your ducts cleaned. This is especially true if there was any removal of lead paint or asbestos.

What Does Duct Cleaning Involve?

A professional duct cleaning Markham service will use special equipment such as brushes, vacuums, and blowers to clean out the intake, return and supply ducts in your home. As well, professional cleaning should also clean the following: HVAC coils, fans, air handler, motors, housings, and registers.

How To Choose a Duct Cleaning Service

  1. Check for Proper Licensing and Certification

Professional cleaning companies should have their certification from the NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association). As well, their insurance and any licenses such be current.

  1. Check References

Ask your neighbors, friends, co-workers about companies they may have used for duct cleaning in the past. As well, look for references online both on the company website and offsite as well.

  1. Get Several Estimates

You should request estimates from at least three reputable cleaning companies before making a final decision. Trustworthy companies will provide you with a free duct inspection and quote.

Contact Comfort Clean if you have any are still wondering if duct cleaning is worth it for your home. We will answer any of your questions and provide you with a free quote.

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