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Oriental Rug Cleaning


At Comfort Clean, each rug receives individual attention. We will pick up your oriental rug from the comfort of your home, clean it in our state-of-the-art facility and return it back to you in the shortest account of time.


Our experienced cleaning crew handle carpets and rugs from all over the world. While most companies will only clean the surface of your rug, we will perform complete, deep-penetrating washing of both sides of your rug. In addition we can repair, reweave, refringe and resurge any kind of rug.


Our approach to cleaning oriental rugs combines old world craftsmanship with new technology. Using patented tools and equipment designed specifically for cleaning oriental rugs, our unique system utilizes the simple elements of air and water to provide the most thorough and effective, yet gentle cleaning. It's powerfully soft on your textiles. All our cleaning processes are non-toxic, and environmentally safe.




All rugs receive individual treatment in our specialized rug cleaning facility.


Our four stage process involves:


First Stage
All the dust removed by push - pull technology .
This machine is designed to work with all sizes of rugs.
In old times people use special stick to remove the dust.




Second Stage
Rugs are washed down with a special soap which is safe for wool,

and the fringes are given special attention.




Third Stage
Soap is removed by fresh soft water,

and an industrial press is applied to

promptly remove the maximum amount of moisture.




Final Stage
In the final drying stage, the rugs are hung in a special

temperature-controlled room, where your rug returns to its original

beautiful look. Once the process is complete, the rug is carefully

wrapped in plastic and promptly delivered back to you.



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"I have two large and expensive antique rugs which I inherited from my grandmother. Keeping the rugs clean is very important, as I have two young children and I was worried about them breathing all the dirt that the rugs accumulated over the years. My neighbour gave me the number for COMFORTCLEAN, for which I am very greatful. They were very pleasant to deal with and very professional. All I had to do was call them and 2 people came. They cleaned both rugs and repaired a damaged corner on one of them. They brought the rugs wrapped in plastic and when they unrolled them, I literally started screaming! When my husband came from upstairs and asked, What happened? All I could say is, Look these new rugs I have! SOOOO HAPPY WITH THE SERVICE!!!"
Amanda B.
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