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Professional Air Duct Cleaning Ajax

Our duct cleaning specialist will perform a thorough inspection before beginning duct cleaning Ajax. Perhaps there is a problem with the ducts themselves. Perhaps there are birds, rodents, or other pests nesting in your ducts. Perhaps there is an obstruction preventing air from getting to where it needs to go. Discovering all of this in advance prepares our professionals so that they can make an appropriate plan and the right tools. 

When hiring Comfort Clean for your air duct cleaning Ajax, you can rest assured that your safety, health, time, and budget are our highest priorities. Typical air Ajax duct cleaning tasks include a combination of traditional cleaning techniques and the latest technology. Combining the old and the new results in deeper cleans, longer-lasting results, and less time needed to complete the task at hand. Comfort Clean’s technicians are extremely approachable. We will be happy to explain any component of the cleaning process whenever you like.

Five Most Common Reasons For Air Duct Cleaning

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms in your home, it’s time to give Comfort Clean a call.

  • Loud or strange noises coming from your air vents
  • Clogged, frozen, or damaged furnace evaporator or coils
  • Furnace filters need constant replacing
  • Unusually high indoor humidity
  • Mold our decomposition odors

Connect with the specialists at Comfort Clean to get a full explanation of our process so that you can understand all of the nuances of our work and what you can expect as an end result of professional duct cleaning services. We are experienced, use the most modern tools, and always happy to help.

Why Choose Comfort Clean For Your Duct Cleaning Service

Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

Bad air can make it difficult to breathe which has many potential health consequences. Depending on the contaminants in the air you breathe, your family could also be risking permanent health problems such as asthma bronchitis, or emphysema.

Reduce Dust and Debris

Did you know that there could be as much as 40lbs of dust and debris hiding inside of your air ducts? That’s a huge potential to compromise your air quality, clog your furnace filters, and damage your HVAC system. Regular duct cleaning will prevent all of this.

HVAC Efficiency

When your air ducts are clogged, it forces your furnace and air conditioner to work harder in order to push air into your home’s rooms. This pushes them to work harder than they were designed to, resulting in unnecessary repairs, premature replacement, and inflated energy bills.

Remove Odors

The dust hidden will inevitably land on hot surfaces, causing an unpleasant burnt smell to linger in your home. Mold and pests often find a home in air ducts. Not only are these scents unpleasant, but they are also potentially dangerous to your health. Regular air duct cleaning ensures that the only thing in your system is fresh air.

Why Comfort Clean Provides The Best Duct Cleaning Service

Professionally Trained Staff

Our reputation is what drives our business. To make sure that you refer us to your friends and family we treat your experience as a priority. This starts with hiring the right people. Each of our cleaning technicians is hand-picked professionals from Ajax. They are familiar with your lifestyle and they are familiar with how your home was constructed.

Proven Air Duct Cleaning Process

We take the extra steps of an initial inspection and preparing your home. The pre-job inspection ensures that your air duct cleaning goes as expected and produces the desired results. Preparing your homes, such as sealing your doors and windows to prevents drafts and vacuum, ensures that dust and debris end up outside rather than in your home’s rooms.

Fast and Efficient

Comfort Clean makes use of a truck-based blast system. This high suction technology makes short work of the dust and debris and delivers the waste directly to the bed of the truck without the need to manually carry it through your home.

Attention To Detail

Once the vacuum process has been complete, powerful yet gentle tools will be used for surface scrubbing. This achieves the deepest clean while avoiding damage to your air ducts. We consistently strive to be first-to-market with new tools that will speed up or improve the process.

The Extra Touch

Immediately after we confirm your air ducts are spotless, we begin the clean-up. Our top-to-the-bottom process ensures that your home will be as clean as it was before we arrived. We also take the extra step to suggest tasks and products that can be used to keep your ducts clean longer.

Every Job Is A Priority

Regardless of if this a one-time project or a seasonal service, a small job, or a big job, we are going to work as if we are trying to win an award. Contact us today to get a free quote or more information.

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