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Professional Air Duct Cleaning Pickering

We take duct cleaning Pickering seriously. Before starting with the cleaning process, a thorough inspection of your air ducts is conducted. Our technicians will investigate the entire system for major clogs, mildew and mold, rodents and other pests, and the source of any inordinate amounts of dust and debris. They will also keep an eye out for poor ductway construction issues. The construction of homes and their air ducts are unique. Understanding your specific requirements enables us to do a better job and to set realistic expectations. 

All of this effort ensures that air duct cleaning Pickering is performed with the correct methods and tools and within a reasonable timeframe. This is just one of the extra steps that Comfort Clean takes in the pursuit of delivering an experience worth bragging about and top-notch results.

Common Air Duct Issues In Pickering

There are a few key indicators that your Pickering home is in need of air duct cleaning.

  • Unpleasant smells
  • Dust or debris accumulating around your vents
  • The scent of mildew, mold, or visible spores
  • Strange noises coming from your vents
  • Clogged furnace air filters
  • Clogged furnace coils 
  • Blocked air vents

Comfort Clean’s duct cleaning system combines traditional techniques, modern equipment, and a focus on customer experience. 


Why You Need Duct Cleaning Services

Clean Air

The air you breathe has a direct relationship with your health. Dust, allergens, spores, decomposing pests, and mold can reduce your ability to take in oxygen or even cause long-term health issues such as asthma, emphysema, or bronchitis. Regular air duct cleaning is an important step to preventing these problems.

More Health Problems

For those with asthma and seasonal allergies, dust is a nightmare. Remove the dust from the equation to reduce symptoms.

Household Cleaning

Dusting and sweeping can be tedious work. Doing this more frequently than necessary is a waste of time and energy that can be avoided. Professional duct cleaning can remove up to 40lbs of dust and debris that would otherwise make its way to your furniture, tabletops, and other surfaces.

HVAC Efficiency

An overabundance of dust will clog filters and vital HVAC components. It will also block the airways leading to your home’s rooms. Both of these situations overwork your furnace and air conditioner causing early wear and failure. Save money by avoiding premature repair and replacement costs.

Why You Should Choose Comfort Clean For Air Duct Cleaning In Pickering

Professionally Trained Staff

Comfort Clean technicians live and work in Pickering. They understand the unique construction of your home and the requirements of your air duct system. Each technician is fully certified and licensed and shares our company’s commitment to customer service and a positive experience. They, along with every other member of our staff, are happy to spend the time needed to fully explain our experience and process. 

Work Ethics

Most Comfort Clean customers are thoroughly impressed with our air duct cleaning and choose to work with us for regular service. Regardless of if you choose to do the same, the size of your home, or how complicated the project is, we never waiver from our dedication to quality. Even if this is the 100th time we perform a cleaning service for you, it will be treated with enthusiasm and attention to detail.


We constantly try to maintain a competitive advantage with the most modern and effective tools. Our goal is to provide you with quick service that achieves the deepest clean without harming your home in any way. 


We take a few steps to avoid spreading dust and debris throughout your home. We begin by sealing your windows, doors, and other outdoor openings to prevent drafts and vacuum. We use drop cloths to isolate the work area for the same reason. We also employ the use of a truck attached to a powerful suction system to transport the waste directly outside.

Attention To Detail

Throughout the entire process, our technicians take note of any steps that you can take to keep your air ducts cleaner for longer. This can include general maintenance, upgrades to your HVAC system, or alterations to your ductwork. To provide you with a head start, part of our cleaning service involves removing dust and clocks from your furnace and air conditioner.

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Comfort Clean’s 9 Steps Duct Cleaning Process

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