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Why Do You Need Air Duct Cleaning Services Newmarket?

Duct Cleaning Is Good For the Environment

Your HVAC system is usually focused on your home or office environment, but did you know that your old and dirty ducts are impacting the Earth’s environment as well! HVAC systems move air around your home or office, and if your system needs to push air through dirt and grime in your ducts, then it will need to work harder and longer than it should be.

This means that your furnace and air system will be running longer hours, which is not only costing you money but is also negatively impacting the environment. Older furnaces especially are not green-conscious, and excessive work can lead to an increased green footprint in the long run. Being green is as simple as booking a commercial or residential duct cleaning Newmarket to ensure that your ducts are not only working but efficient as possible.

Cleaning Air Ducts Is an Easy Way to Eliminate a Hidden Fire Risk

Air duct blockages can be a leading cause of fires in homes and offices, and the longer a system waits to be cleaned, the risk only multiplies. This is because dirt and debris sit in the air ducts, and is dried by the continual hot air moving around the pipes. As the months and years pass by, this debris becomes tinder dry and will immediately light if a spark even touches it. For a home or office to prevent these issues, air duct cleaning should be a part of the regular maintenance of your space.

Our duct cleaning specialists will be able to eliminate this risk in an afternoon and can provide you valuable insight into the health of your system during your residential or commercial duct cleaning here in Newmarket.

Duct Cleaning Is a Simple Way to Improve Your Health

We are often asked how often you should clean your ducts, and the answer will naturally depend on your home or personal health, but if you are dealing with significant respiratory issues, it should be every change of season. This might seem a little extreme, but as duct cleaning professionals, we know how often to clean ducts in the home or office, and we want to ensure that you and your health is the priority.

Typically, to ensure that you and the health of your building are good, you should look to ensure cleaning air ducts is a regular occurrence. Regular cleanings can even help alleviate many of the main allergens that lead to enflaming of the lungs and other health issues.

Professional Air Duct Cleaning Can Clean Up Your Space!

When it comes to duct cleaning Newmarket, the quality of air is our number one concern. This is why when we are asked is duct cleaning necessary, we always answer with cleaning air ducts will help your living environment along with just simply improving your health.
Older air ducts that have not been touched can be full of dust, debris, and bacteria that can lead to mildew or even mould! Naturally, these allergens and bacteria are not suitable for your living environment, and if left to grow can cause serious issues.

In the office, dirty ducts may lead to increased sick days in the workforce and decreased productivity throughout the company. While in the home, these allergens and bacteria can lead to long-term respiratory issues and chronic sickness to become the norm. This is something we are hoping to alleviate, and as the home to the best duct cleaning in Newmarket, Comfort Clean is the trusted duct cleaning professionals that can help improve your home or office environment in a single afternoon.

Why Trust Comfort Clean For Cleaning Air Ducts?

Professionally Trained Staff

Comfort Clean is only as good as our professional technicians, and we are proud of the team that we have handpicked here in Newmarket. All of our team members are certified on our modern gear and equipped with the best technology on the market. Plus, our professionals can answer any questions that you may have from how often to clean ducts to how our process works!

A little about the Comfort Clean Process

All about the prep!

We want to ensure that our air duct cleaning services are done right the first time, and it is part of the reason that we spend the time to ensure we do our preparation. During this initial step, we will cover floors, make sure doors and windows are airtight, and complete our prep work in the air duct itself.

The Big Suction

We utilize our truck-based blast vacuum to create suction in the ducts to suck dirt, debris, and allergens away in just a few minutes. Anything that is in the ducts will be sucked into our truck bed, leaving no dirt or grime in the office or home.

Scrub Down

Once we suck out any dirt or grime, we will send in our 300 PSI scrubbing tools to remove any debris that may be stuck physically. These professional duct cleaning tools are powerful enough to whisk away any remnants of dirt but will not damage your existing ductwork.

The Finishing Touches

Once our scrub is done, we will then move to air-washing the drop, filters, blower fan and the rest of your air handler parts. As we are providing a professional air duct cleaning service, we will also offer and install galvanised steel access panels over openings for the vacuum hose before we leave!

No matter the duct, no matter the place, the team at Comfort Clean can undoubtedly deliver a duct cleaning service that works! Contact us today for a free estimate on your duct cleaning job.

Comfort Clean’s 9 Steps Duct Cleaning Process

See how we guarantee clean and healthy air ducts with our professional service.

Blast Vacuum

We use the Truck-Vac system, one of the most powerful in the Greater Toronto Area. The Truck-Vac sucks up every last particle of dust and mildew for superior cleaning.

Skilled Workforce

We send only our trained cleaning technicians to your residential or commercial property. This way, we guarantee your satisfaction.

Planning and Preparation

Prior we proceed to deliver our services, our team make a plan of action. They cover floors, make sure doors are airtight and dress furniture before cleaning commences. This way, your furniture is kept in its best condition and dust is not spread.

Inescapable Air Pressure

Comfort Clean uses a negative air pressure 8’ vacuum hose when cleaning. This means that the Truck-Vac pulls anything present in your air duct system into the vacuum bed. Nothing escapes.

Air Flow Optimization

Covering registers with magnetic vinyl sheets means that we can maximize the vacuum airflow through the duct. This enhances our performance to assure clients of the very best cleaning service.

Scrub Clean

We don’t only use vacuums. Once we have vacuumed the duct system, we send 300 PSI scrubbing tools into the system to physically remove any traces of dust or dander than may remain.

Cover Cleaning

Cleaning the inside of your duct system is just one piece of the puzzle. Our team then moves on to grill covers and drops.

The Essentials

No Comfort Clean service is complete without air-washing vacuuming the drop, filter box, blower fan and cabinet interior of your HVAC system.

The Grand Finale

Finally, we place shiny new galvanized access panels over openings for the vacuum hose.

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