Central Vacuum
Cleaning Service

Improve energy efficiency and power of your central vacuum system

Cleaning and upkeep of the central vacuum system in your Toronto area home is a vital part of routine home maintenance. This prevents the vacuum from becoming blocked, which can severely damage the motor thus impairing the entire system. We recommend that your clients have their central vacuum system cleaned and inspected at least once a year.

Central Vacuum Cleaning Service

How to go about it

This process consists of blowing the pipes through the entirety of the vacuum component. Along with the filter and motor section, the down part will detached, dusted and thoroughly cleaned using a powerful suction hose and wash wand, working at two hundred and thirty to two hundred and fifty psi of compressed air and sixteen thousand cu. ft per minute. This pressure forces the any dirt, rubble and filth into the attached component on the truck.

Getting skilled people to do it for you

Comfort Clean is just the company to perform this task for you. Our skilled cleaning team will effectively clean your central vacuum system to ensure that it functions as it should.

It can be extremely challenging to undertake this process on your own so why bother? Our professional cleaning team uses specialized equipment designed to delve into the systems canister and piping to remove all of the dirt and grime that has accumulated since the last cleaning.A thorough cleaning of the central vacuum system will ensure maximum operation as well as get rid of any pollutants that can trigger issues such as allergies and asthma. This system tends to gather the most dirt and debris out of the entire home.

Why is it crucial?

Connecting a central vacuum structure is beneficial as it rids the air of any allergens, dust and irritants that accumulate in your home. It can take a while before all of these irritants accumulate in the bottom canister. Given that the majority of these systems are put in post construction, parts of the structure of the home may have to be comprised, which makes it necessary to add additional piping.

Comfort Clean will gladly assist you in Central Vacuum Cleaning, as well as any other home or commercial cleaning ventures.

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