Air duct cleaning should not be considered a luxury for some but an essential part of property maintenance. Not cleaning air ducts or employing duct cleaning services every six to twelve months as is recommended can lead to Sick Building Syndrome and other feelings of fatigue.

Air duct cleaning rids your home or commercial property’s airflow system from dust mites and hair, dander and mould, as well as faeces left by various pests. By reducing the spread of bacteria, you can reduce illness. On top of this, free-flowing air ducts function to a higher level and therefore require less energy. This means you save money.

The recommended timeframe for duct cleaning is one every six to twelve months. This, however, can depend on the type of building you own and activities that take place within it.

The number of people and their ages should also be taken into consideration, with the young and elderly most likely to be affected by poor quality air. Similarly, if a person has allergies, cleaning should be an ongoing concern. Air duct cleaning specialists like Comfort Clean can offer a timeframe to match your unique situation. Call us today to ask the specialists.

There are several telltale signs that mean your building’s air ducts need cleaning. Dust coming from air ducts is one of the most obvious signs. When this is happening, it may be dust that has accumulated in the system and is being spread around the house. This could be a potentially harmful source of bacteria like insect faeces or mildew or dust from the building’s materials.

Similarly, duct cleaning is necessary if there are signs of mould on the ductwork itself or any part of the system. Air duct cleaning companies like us can provide a definite answer.

Comfort Clean performs our duct cleaning services with absolute professionalism, care, and dedication to our clients. As duct cleaning specialists, our residential and commercial duct cleaning service is a one-stop-shop to quality air in your property.

Firstly we revise your furnace system before constructing a plan of action. Our team of trained duct cleaning technicians then apply our Truck-Vac technology and scrubbing tools for a complete clean. We treat your property with the utmost respect, taking care to cover furniture and ensuring rooms are airtight before we apply our vacuum.

The benefits of air duct cleaning are many. From the reduction of allergies and breathing problems to the potentially boosting productivity in the workspace, a duct cleaning service supports a healthier environment.


Because air ducts carry air around a building, there is a tendency for them to foster bacteria when not properly maintained. A professional air duct cleaning technician, like those employed by Comfort Clean, understands how to clean and improve the performance of an air conditioning unit. An often overlooked benefit of duct cleaning is the reduction in energy bills that clients reap.

Air duct cleaning includes a total and complete cleaning of your HVAC system. The first part of the duct cleaning services provided by Comfort Clean is the technical plan that we produce ahead of your cleaning service. Once the plan is made, we provide protection to areas of the building including covering furniture. We then apply our industry-leading Truck-Vac technology that removes anything that can be found in your air ducts. Following this, our scrubbing tools are used to leave your system absolutely spotless. As air duct cleaning specialists, we are a one-stop shop.

The dryer vent is an integral part of an air conditioning system and acts as the necessary link to the outside world. Because of this, it is essential that the vent is kept functioning. The best way to do this is to hire a dryer vent cleaning service every six to twelve months.


Unlike other air duct cleaning companies, dryer vent cleaning is part of the service that Comfort Clean provides. By applying technologies and the skills of our trained technicians, we ensure that your dryer vent cleaner is performed comprehensively.

Any machine only works as well as its weakest link. The air conditioning system is no exception. Dryer vent cleaning is, therefore, necessary to keep your entire AC working at its optimum level. When vent cleaning is done right, it is an efficient and affordable way to improve your property’s system as a whole.

Comfort Clean delivers residential vent cleaning and commercial vent cleaning to every property in the Toronto and surrounding GTA. With a dryer vent cleaning service from Comfort Clean, your dryer vent will receive the professional care necessary for sound and healthy functionality.

There are two main problems that a blocked or clogged dryer vent represents. The first and most simple is that a clogged vent means the HVAC or AC system cannot perform optimally and requires a dryer vent cleaning service. Secondly, and more dangerously, is the potential for fire.


Because dust, hair, and dander are highly-flammable, a blocked vent heightens the potential threat. However, a vent cleaning service from a quality duct cleaning technician can remedy this problem simply. This is what Comfort Clean can provide.

It is important that you trust the air duct cleaning company you select for your property. Asking friends or family for references is one good to judge a central vacuum system cleaning service.


Reputable companies that will professionally clean your central vacuum system will be happy to speak to you about its services and offer references from previous clients. Similarly, quotes should be given without obligation. Remember: a reputable company will never shy away from providing you with the licenses or insurance paperwork you may wish to see.

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