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Your home or industrial air duct system is unique. A critical first step to duct cleaning Scarborough is an intricate inspection. The duct cleaning specialists at Comfort Clean will spend the necessary time to determine any potential obstacles to performing an immaculate job, how much work needs to be done, and how long the project will take. Once complete, your Comfort Clean Scarborough duct cleaning specialist will fill you in on every detail so that you understand exactly what is being done and why. 

The most modern tools and techniques will be put to use to ensure that your air duct cleaning services Scarborough are as safe and effective as humanly possible. This commitment to quality guarantees that you will receive the very best air duct cleaning Scarborough experience and results.

The Most Common Commercial Air Duct Problems

We have been working throughout the GTA for nearly 4 decades and we rely on our reputation to keep business moving along. Our specialists have seen it all and are more than happy to transparently share the right way to clean air ducts with you. Here are some things we have found.

  • Unfortunately, there are some unsavory organizations out there who will turn on their machines to make some noise, but not do a single thing for you. 
  • Warm air ducts are an inviting nesting space for cold Canadian birds, squirrels, and other pests. Even if they don’t get inside their debris will.
  • Improper construction causes bottlenecks and other infrastructure problems

Don’t fret, our duct cleaning experts can fix all of this with immaculate precision with the most modern tools, knowledge, and techniques.

Why You Should Care About Duct Cleaning In North York

Your Good Health

Even healthy workers can suffer from dirty air ducts and cause suffering to those with asthma or allergies. Dirty ducts spread dust, debris, and allergens throughout the workspace, making it uncomfortable and difficult to breathe. It also clogs airflow, forcing furnaces and air conditioners to be overworked, blasting workers with extreme temperatures instead of gradual comfort. This drastic change in the environment can wreak havoc on the body.

Fire Risks

The accumulation of dust and other materials in your air ducts is a common cause of fires. These materials are extremely dry, and the friction and extreme heat is a disaster waiting to happen. Regular cleaning of home and commercial air ducts is an easy way to protect your property and the people you care about.

Going Green

With the condition of today’s environment, every effort counts. You can do your part by keeping your air ducts clean. This effectively reduces the amount of energy your HVAC system uses – which is also good for the budget – and reduces the frequency of having to replace air conditioners and furnaces.

6 Great Reasons To Choose Comfort Clean Air Duct Services

Professional Service

The great reputation we have earned over the past 40 years is all thanks to our friendliness, transparency, and expertise. Our staff members are always eager to help and educate, and we always maintain the necessary certifications. We are proud of our modern equipment and the work that we do.


As the old saying goes “a pound of prevention is worth an ounce of cure”. Our ductwork cleaning specialists make every effort to plan for the job at hand, mitigate any potential setback, and get the job done right the first time.

Grunt Work

The bulk of dust and debris has a great chance of spreading throughout your entire house as it’s removed, with other companies that is. With Comfort Clean, our preparation process and advanced tools ensure that all debris is seamlessly transferred to our trucks.

The Scrub Down

The first pass of cleaning gets rid of the most invasive dirt. However, for truly clean air ducts extra work is required. High-powered scrubbing tools are put to use to rid your ducts of the more stubborn dirt and debris.

Finer Details

The final air duct cleaning step is to blast every HVAC and duct component with pressurized air. This removes every last remnant to produce air ducts clean enough to eat off of.


Every air duct system is built specifically for the building it services. Some are very modern and some follow older construction methods and codes. Regardless of which category your ductwork falls under, we have seen it and we know which methods and tools are needed. No guesswork involved.

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