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A thorough inspection of your HVAC and air duct system will be conducted before duct cleaning Burlington begins. This allows your Comfort Clean Burlington duct cleaning specialist to identify any pervasive problems, potential obstacles, and to accurately predict the entire scope of work. 

This results in the right methods and tools being used, all of the safest practices being followed, and transparent expectations for your project. In short, Comfort Clean is THE premier air duct cleaning Burlington specialist.

7 Signs That Your Air Ducts Need To Be Cleaned ASAP

It’s sometimes difficult to tell if you can stand to hold off on cleaning your ductwork, or if it’s an urgent matter that should be tended to immediately. These 7 conditions are a good indication that you should take action sooner than later.

  • Noticeable smells when your HVAC system turns on.
  • Visible mold, debris, or mildew in your air ducts
  • Air vents that do not vent air or struggle to do so
  • Dirty internal A/C components
  • No record of when the last air duct cleaning was performed
  • Inordinate amounts of dust, especially when HVAC turns on
  • Declining breathing-related health and/or increasing energy bills

It is possible that these symptoms are caused by something else. But, if dirty ducts are the route of your troubles there is simply no better company than Comfort Clean to solve them.

What Are The Major Reasons For Air Duct Cleaning

Air Quality

The most significant reason to clean your air ducts is a physical need. Ducts filled with dust and debris continually spread allergens and other unruly particles through each room making it uncomfortable and unhealthy to breathe.


Since your HVAC system cycles air from each room in the home, dirty ductwork is apt to pick up the mold in your damp basement and deposit it into your living room. This is a health risk that cannot be ignored.


Fur and dander from pets add an immense amount of debris to your air ducts and clog them up quicker than usual. Homeowners with pets will want to regularly clean ductwork to maintain a sanitary, fresh-smelling home.

Energy Costs

Dirty and clogged air vents keep your HVAC system from working properly. It forces each unit to work harder in order to push air through, inflates your energy bills, and in premature unit repair and replacement.

Comfort Clean cares about these issues and carries the necessary tools, equipment, and expertise to deliver comfort and peace of mind.

Top Reasons To Choose Comfort Clean For Your Air Duct Cleaning Services In Burlington

Customer Service

Advanced equipment. Courteous staff. Expert technicians. A great reputation. 40 years of experience. Comfort Clean possesses every tool needed for an outstanding air duct cleaning service in Burlington.

Pre-Cleaning Process

Some companies just show up and start cleaning. This inevitably leads to corners being cut, details being missed, and messes being left behind. With Comfort Clean’s planning process the smallest details – such as making sure the windows are shut to avoid vacuum – are attended to.

Blast Vacuum

Our truck-vac system removes major debris in record time and delivers the filth directly to our truck without even a speck of dust hitting your home’s or office’s floor.

Scrubbing Power

High-powered scrubbing tools seek out and remove the stubborn remnants of dust and debris. These specialized tools are powerful enough to get to the debris that a vacuum can’t reach, but gentle enough to leave your air duct system perfectly intact.

Final Touches

A final pass of high-blast air pressure is performed over your entire system and equipment. This eliminates the minute details that can’t be physically reached, leaving a sparkling clean.


40 years in the field and a top-notch team of experts guarantees that Comfort Clean is familiar with your particular style of ductwork. Each air duct system is different. Some are more difficult to clean than others, and not every cleaning company is aware of the finer details.

See how we guarantee clean and healthy air ducts with our professional service.
Comfort Clean’s 9 Steps Duct Cleaning Process

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