5 Most Recommended Methods of Carpet Cleaning Mississauga

5 Most Recommended Methods of Carpet Cleaning Mississauga

Carpet cleaning Mississauga is something that should be a part of your yearly Spring Cleaning routine. Whether you do it every six months, or once a year, having your carpets professionally cleaned is important to keep your home clean and free from allergens.

But what type of carpet cleaning is best for your home? Most people think only of steam cleaning when it comes to cleaning carpets. However, there are actually 5 types of professional carpet cleaning, which we shall discuss in the following article.

5 Types of Professional Carpet Cleaning Mississauga

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning Mississauga

Bonnet cleaning mainly entails cleaning the top part of the carpet only. In this process, a heavy-duty motorized machine utilizes a spinning pad immersed in the cleaning solution. This is merely a ‘quick fix” and is recommended for highly trafficked areas that need to dry quickly such as business. However, as bonnet cleaning does not penetrate the entire carpet, it is not recommended for once-a-year cleaning nor as to the sole method of Mississauga carpet cleaning.

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Mississauga (Steam Cleaning)

This method, most commonly referred to as steam cleaning, uses high-pressure hot water to dissolve dirt and allergens within the carpet. This is done by applying a cleaning solution on the carpet, allowing it to sit for a time, cleaning the carpet with equipment, and then “rinsing” away from the remaining solution. The carpet must then air dry, which can take several hours to dry. This can be inconvenient for both homes and businesses but is a rather thorough method of carpet cleaning Mississauga.

Carpet Shampooing

Carpet shampooing was the preferred method of carpet cleaning Mississauga until steam cleaning was introduced in the1970s. Shampooing carpets did a thorough job of deep cleaning carpets, however, it left behind a large amount of soap residue. Over time, this residue could become sticky or lead to mold or mildew issues.

Foam Encapsulation

This method of carpet cleaning and duct cleaning Mississauga utilizes a synthetic carpet cleaner that then crystallizes into a powder as it dries. This powder encapsulates dirt particles and is then vacuumed when it is fully dry. As it takes less time than shopping has become a popular method of carpet cleaning. As well, it is environmentally friendly as it leaves behind less residue. However, it is not recommended for heavily soiled carpets as it is less effective than other methods of carpet cleaning.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Mississauga

Compound carpet cleaning, or dry cleaning, is the most recently developed technology for carpet cleaning in Mississauga. It is the method of carpet cleaning that is most recommended by professional cleaning companies as it is the most convenient, highly effective, and does not require drying time.

Compound cleaning involves the application of the cleaning agent into the bottom of the carpet via a machine with a motorized rotating brush. The motorized unit opens the fibers of the carpet allowing the compound to settle thus resulting in deep cleaning.  The cleaning agent is composed of biodegradable material which is easily removed at the end of the dry cleaning process. This method is preferred by business owners as it does not require drying time and is highly effective.

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