How to Find a Trustworthy Service in Toronto

When it comes to duct cleaning, price is an important factor to consider. Unfortunately, not every quote you get from a company offering duct cleaning in Toronto will be accurate. Some companies deliberately provide low quotes, only to increase the price as they get to work and find other common issues. In order to make sure that you don’t have to worry about this, get a few air duct sanitizing cost quotes and then follow the steps below to find the most reputable company.

Beware Cold Calls 

For starters, be careful if anybody calls you about duct cleaning deals in Vaughan and Toronto. Most reputable professionals who offer HVAC duct cleaning don’t need to call customers out of the blue because they have plenty of legitimate jobs of their own. Be especially wary of calls that offer an extremely low duct cleaning cost. Potential scammers often call people offering a low cost to have HVAC ducts cleaned, only to then find additional “problems” when the job begins that drive the cost up. If somebody calls you with a deal that seems too good to be true, it probably is. It’s better to check with local reputable contractors to figure out the real cost to have ducts cleaned and go from there.

Pay Attention to Questions Asked 

Blowing a potential customer away with suspiciously good ductwork prices is only one way in which scammers operate. Once you agree to let them work, they send a technician over who starts right away. This means that you can’t send them away easily, because then your ducts will be worse off than when they started. As the scammer gets to work, the number you might associate with how much is duct cleaning skyrockets. The scammer might ask you questions like when you moved in and whether the house is new. Don’t answer these questions—they allow the scammer to identify a particularly easy mark. A new house means they can claim the previous owner didn’t clean the ducts well, and that drives the house duct cleaning cost higher and higher.

Shop Around 

The key to a scammer’s effectiveness is the way they pressure a person into making a quick decision on a job. A legitimate company offering ductwork won’t do that—they know that shopping around for the best cost is part of the business. Furthermore, don’t accept a clean ductwork cost at face value. Make sure that the worker sees your home and provides you with a legitimate quote. You can use that quote to compare the HVAC duct cleaning price with competitors in the area. Once you have a few companies that you might consider, check online reviews. Legitimate companies will have genuine feedback from real customers, and you may be able to find scammers based on reviews from unhappy customers.

Duct cleaning is an important part of home maintenance, but don’t automatically assume that a low cost is the best way to go. Keep your eyes out for scammers and make sure that you hire a legitimate HVAC technician to handle this job.

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