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Dirty evaporator coil

During the summer season, Comfort Clean receives a lot of calls regarding the poor performance of air conditioning units. The AC’s seem to be working, yet they fail to cool.

Why does it happen that a relatively new AC system does not bring the temperature in a house to the desired levels? The problem typically lies in the AC Coil subunit, which is located in the top part of your air conditioning system, due to its blockage by dirt.

This problem typically results from the use of poor quality air filters, their infrequent exchange (they must be exchanged every three months), as well as by dirty air ducts (which must be cleaned out every three years). All of this leads to blockage of AC Coil subunit by dust and results in poor airflow. In some extreme cases, this may even lead to the formation of ice in the bottom part of this subunit.

At Comfort Clean, a company with over 30 years of experience in working with professional-level equipment, we have developed a set of tips and tricks for our clients to ensure that your AC is working at maximum capacity.

  1. Clean your air ducts every 3 years, especially if you are moving to a brand new house or after renovations. Remember that unlike in the state of New York, duct cleaning is not mandatory by law in Ontario. In New York, failure to clean air ducts after construction may lead to large fines or loss of a building license. Unfortunately, the legislature in Ontario leaves this critical procedure to the discretion of the builders of your house, who often do not hold your personal health in high priority. Also remember, that when you are choosing a company for duct cleaning, make sure to hire only people with professional equipment, such as 20-bag truck-mounted setup. Less than 10% of air duct cleaning companies have the proper type of equipment.
  2. Change air filters in your AC system on a regular basis: every 3 months for most homes, or every 2 months if you have pets.
  3. Make sure to clean the vents of your laundry drier, to remove any build-up of lint.
  4. Make sure to test the operating state of your humidifier, and exchange its filters annually. Make sure to switch between summer and winter modes.

Remember, that lack of proper care for your Air Conditioning system will lead to your own temperature discomfort!

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