What Does Oriental Rug Cleaning Involve?

What Does Oriental Rug Cleaning Involve

If you have oriental rugs in your home, you most certainly know that it is imperative to use the proper rug cleaners. Oriental rug cleaning is different from cleaning carpet or throw rugs. It involves more than vacuuming or using a spay or powered rug cleaning agent. And of course, do you want to preserve your gorgeous oriental rugs for as long as possible? So how can you clean them without any adverse effects or damage?

In the following, we shall discuss how proper care and oriental rug cleaning so that your rugs will last for many years.

Steps for Oriental Rug Cleaning

Pre-Treatment Process

Before you begin cleaning oriental rugs, you need to inspect the rug to find out the condition of the rug, the type of rug as well as any risks that may be involved in various cleaning methods. A professional rug cleaning service will inspect your oriental rug.

For the following during the pre-treatment stage:

    1. Color Instability/Discoloration: If any of the colors on your oriental rugs are mixed, faded, or bleeding; you will need to have them restored before the rug can be cleaned.
    2. Urine stains: Pet owners should advise the cleaning team if they have any pets as they will inspect the rug for damage from pet stains. They will then apply e proper enzyme treatment if necessary.
    3. Wear and tear: Oriental rugs that have significant wear and tear will need to be treated via area support.
    4. General Condition: Any repairs to damaged areas of your oriental rug need to be completed before the rug can be cleaned.

Dust Removal

Similar to other rugs or carpet, oriental rugs attract dust. Even regular vacuuming will not prevent dust from getting trapped with the rug fibers. This is especially true if your oriental rug is in a high-traffic area of your home. A professional rug cleaning service utilizes specialized dusting machines for rugs to clean your oriental rug without causing any damage.

Soaking & Cleaning

Once the dust removal process is complete, the next step is the soaking and cleaning process. In most cases, the cleaner will allow your oriental rug to soak overnight to allow for time to remove any significant stains or odors. Next, the rug will be clean thoroughly on both sides with special and safe rug shampoo. Then it will be rinsed with water to remove any soap residue.

Specific oriental rugs will be required to undergo a luster wash that will help rejuvenate the original color of your oriental rug. However, there are a few kinds of oriental rugs that should never undergo any of the above. In this instance, the rug will be dry-cleaned to preserve the quality of the rug. This usually pertains to leather skin and silk rugs.

Brushing & Drying

Once the rug has been shampooed and rinse, the cleaner will then brush the rug. This will help return it to its natural glory while allowing it to evenly dry. Oriental rugs are not dried with a blow dry, heater or any type of heat to preserve their quality. The cleaner will set them in a climate control room to allow them to air dry, which takes around six or so hours.

Final Inspection.

The final step in oriental rug cleaning is to thoroughly inspect the rug. This is to ensure that the above procedures have been properly carried out. Any repairs would be corrected before they return the rug to you. If they are not able to return the rug or you are not able to pick it up in a timely manner, it will be properly wrapped and stored in a climate-controlled room until it is ready for pick up or transport.

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