Homeowners DIY Guide: How to Clean Dryer Vent Duct

Homeowners DIY Guide: How to Clean Dryer Vent Duct

Cleaning your dryer vents should be a part of your annual spring cleaning routine. But not everyone knows how to clean the dryer vent duct. Excessive lint build-up could lead to serious issues, such as house fires. Dryer vent and air duct cleaning should be done at least once a year to protect your home. 

How to Clean Dryer Vent Duct: Step-by-Step Guide

Before we advise you on how to clean ducts for dryers, here is a list of the tools and supplies you will need.

  • Dust Mask
  • Rags
  • Broom & Dust Bin
  • Vacuum with hose attachment
  • Screwdriver
  • Dryer vent cleaning kit and flexible vent brushes (optional)

Step 1: Unplug/Disconnect the Dryer From the Power Source

Those with gas dryers will need to carefully turn off the gas valve without disconnecting it. It is critical that you shut the valve to the dryer off, so there is no gas flowing whilst you are cleaning the dryer vent. If doing so makes you nervous, you could always hire a professional dryer duct cleaning team to clean your dryer vent.

If you have an electric dryer simply unplug the dryer from the outlet. Make sure the dryer is off before completing this step.

Step 2: Disconnect The Duct Hose From the Clothes Dryer

It is a good idea to put on a cloth dust mask when cleaning your dryer vent. This will prevent you from inhaling dust and debris in the process.

Using care, move the dryer away from the wall giving you access to the dryer vent. Carefully disconnect the exhaust vent from the dryer.

Inspect the ductwork and replace or repair any damaged parts.

Step 3: Clean the Vent and Lint Catcher

Using the crevice tool on your vacuum clean out the lint from the dryer trap. As well, you can use a soft rag.

Use a long, flexible brush to clean out the inside of the lint trap. To prevent excessive build-up, you should clean the lint after each cycle. 

Using the vacuum clean the exhaust vent at the end of the dryer and then proceed to clean the duct itself. To make this job easier, you can use a vent dryer kit which can be purchased from any hardware store.

Lastly, vacuum any dirt and debris from the area of the floor where the dryer usually sits.

Step 4: Go Outside to Clean the Dryer Vent Opening

If it is easily accessible, you should clean the outside port for your dryer duct as well. It is normally protected with a screen cover and located on an exterior wall of your property.

After checking for damages, use the vacuum cleaner attachment to clean out any dirt and debris. Replace the cover after making any necessary repairs.

Step 5: Reattach The Dryer to the Exhaust Vent

Carefully move the dryer back in place and reattach it to the vent system. Making sure the unit is off, plug it back in, or turn on the gas valve.

Clean up any remaining debris and do a test run to see if the unit is working properly.

For optimal efficiency and safety, clean your dryer vent at least once a year.

If you still need advice on how to clean the dryer vent duct, contact Comfort Clean. You can also set up a time for air duct or dryer vent cleaning. Call us today for a quote for professional air duct cleaning.

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