How to Clean Dryer Duct: DIY Guide for Mississauga Area Homeowners

How to Clean Dryer Duct: DIY Guide for Mississauga Area Homeowners

Cleaning your dryer ducts is an extremely important task. Not only will it help your dryer to run more efficiently, but it can also help prevent house fires. Dryer vents are one of the major causes of house fires.

Not sure how to clean the dryer duct? No worries, we have put together a step-by-step guide. It is best to clean your dryer duct at least once a year.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, hire a professional Mississauga duct cleaning team to do the job for you!

DIY Guide: How to Clean Dryer Duct

In case you decide to forgo hiring professional duct cleaners and do the job yourself, here are the tools you will need:

  • Dryer cleaning kit and brushes (optional, can be purchased at any hardware or home improvement store)
  • Dust rags
  • A vacuum cleaner with hose attachments
  • Broom and Dustpan
  • Power Drill
  • Dust Mask (to protect your lungs from any dust or fumes)

Shut Off the Power Source to The Dryer

First, make sure to shut off the dryer before this step. If you have an electric dryer, you simply need to unplug it from the outlet. For gas dryer units, carefully shut off the gas valve to the unit. Do not shut off the gas itself, simply turn off the supply to the dryer unit. This will prevent any gas from leaking while you are cleaning the dryer vent system.

Carefully Disconnect the Duct From the Dryer

Carefully disconnect the exhaust vent hose from the dryer and move the dryer out of the way, so you have access to the dryer vent. Using care, inspect for repairs and make any necessary replacements or repairs to the dryer ductwork.

Clean The Dryer Lint Trap

This should be something that you do between each and every load of laundry to keep your dryer working properly. Pull out the lint trap and vacuum any remaining dust lint. Use a brush or the hose attachment on your vacuum to clean the inside of the dryer lint trap before replacing it.

Clean The Dryer Duct

Clean the dryer vent using the brushes in the dryer vent cleaning kit or the vacuum hose attachment. Make sure to remove any lint, dirt, or debris.

Clean the Area 

Before moving the dryer back in place, either vacuum or sweep up any loose debris that may have accumulated. 

Hook Up the Dryer to The Exhaust

Move the dryer back in place and reattach the exhaust hose to the dryer unit. Turn on the gas or plug the dryer back into the outlet. Clean up any remaining debris from the area, and you’re set!

Signs It’s Time to Clean Your Dryer Vent

Following are some telltale signs that it is time to perform dryer duct cleaning:

  • Your clothes are taking longer than usual to dry.
  • Your clothes smell burned, moldy or musty.
  • Your dryer is overheating.
  • Your clothes are hot to the touch when removing them from the clothes dryer.
  • Your laundry room smells musty, or you notice a burning smell.
  • Your electric bill is higher from excessive use of the clothes dryer.

All of these signs indicate that it is indeed time to clean your dryer vent system. Excessive build-up of lint and other debris can cause house fires. Dryer fires can start suddenly and are often deadly. Regularly cleaning your dryer vents will prevent house fires as well as keep your dryer running as it should.

If you need more advice on how to clean dryer ducts, the experts at Comfort Clean are happy to help! Call us anytime to schedule a dryer vent or air duct cleaning!

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