How Often Change Furnace Filter: Questions to Ask Yourself before You Replace Your Filter

How Often Change Furnace Filter Questions to Ask Yourself before You Replace Your Filter

Have you recently replaced the filters for the furnace in your Brampton area home? Is it time to do so? Have you been wondering how often to change the furnace filter?

We shall provide you with some helpful questions to help you determine if it is, in fact, time to change your furnace filter. This can be a part of your regular professional duct cleaning Brampton.

How Often Change Furnace Filter: How to Know When It Is Time

If you are not sure when to change the furnace and duct cleaning for the filter, here are some things to ask yourself. Not changing the filter in your home can lead to such issues as increased allergies or enhanced troubles with breathing conditions, as it can lead to dust and dander build-up. In addition, it can lead to mold and mildew growth. It can also cause fatigue, brain fog, and in the worst case, it can spark a fire. Ask yourself these questions to see if it is time for a replacement furnace filter.

Do I Own Pets?

If you do not own any animals, you can wait to change your filters to once every three months. However, if you have pets, it is best to change your filters on a monthly basis. Keep in mind if you have multiple pets, your filters will gather dander much quicker than if you have no pets or just one pet.

Does Anyone In My Home Smoke?

If anyone in your home is a smoker, you should change your furnace filter at least every other month. However, if there are multiple smokers that dwell in your residence or you frequently have guests that smoke, it is recommended to replace your filter every month.

Do I Regularly Run My Air Conditioner Or Heating System?

If you are constantly using either your heating or cooling systems, it is wise to change your filters monthly. If you do not use your HVAC system regularly, you can change it every three to four months. Keep in mind that the use of fans and ceiling fans will contribute to the amount of dust and debris that accumulate on your furnace filter.

How Often Do I Open My Windows?

Do you leave your windows open almost every day? This will, of course, cause a lot of debris to build upon your furnace filter. If so, monthly replacement is ideal. However, if you only open your windows once in a while, you can change the filters every three to four months.

How Dusty Does My Home Get?

How often do you dust your home? Those whose homes accumulate large amounts of dust should change their filters monthly. If your home is not very dusty, you can wait to change it every two to three months.

The size of the filter also comes into play. Filters that are one to two inches that meet the above criteria should be changed monthly. Those greater than three inches can be changed bi-monthly (or in mild cases two or three times a year) should they fit one or more of the aforementioned guidelines.

If you have further questions about how often to change the furnace filter, contact Comfort Clean. We can answer any questions you have regarding duct cleaning or issues regarding filter replacement. Call us for all of your home cleaning needs.

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